11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

Danish Wadhwa

Building a successful business relies on two paramount factors: - setting business goals & achieving them.

The "setting the goal" part comes easy, it's the "achieving" them what makes it seem equivalent to climbing the Everest.

But it doesn't have to be if you can look back at all the bases you've covered throughout your climb, all the routes which didn't work (and did), and the future bases you've got to cover.

Point being, organizing your goals, the data which led to the achievement of previous goals and documenting the future steps is what's called "Management of goals" and once that's done, the "achieving them" part doesn't seem as steep a climb as it generally does.

Motivational quotes from winners get you started no doubt, but it's the organization and professionalism that sees you off at the finish line.

That's what we have compiled in this list post here, 11 apps to track and manage your business goals. By the end of this piece, you'll have a solid grip on your goals, your team members and the steps you need to take to break the walls.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

1. Confluence

Confluence brings the conference rooms to your computer screens. It lets you:-

  • Work on the same page/document/project as your team-mates in real time.
  • Store discussions and suggestions along with details like the exact time and any extra comments (if any!)
  • Set up goals, and work on it step-by-step, tracking the performance, suggestions and anything else that comes by.
  • Set up roadmaps, assign different tasks to different team members and what not!

The cherry on the top: - Confluence is used by some of the largest organizations on the planet, including NASA,  Lufthansa, Docker, etc. So yes it's worth your time goals.

2. Wrike

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

Wrike is known for its A-Z project management solutions. Meaning it takes care of the project from when you start, right to the finish line.

It's also voted as the #1 app for Project collaborations by GetApp!

Here's what you can do with Wrike

  • Assign tasks to team members.
  • Create your own work-flows.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Projects' current status displayed efficiently.
  • Upload as well as edit documents on Wrike
  • Track time spent on assignments.
  • Prioritize projects and goals.

And the features discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg. As a sign of good-faith, let me tell you Wrike is used by companies like Paypal, the Hawaiian Airlines, Hootsuite and a dozen others at the same level.

3. Asana

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

This was the first ever "goal management" app I ever used, and I must say this was "THE" app which evinced me the power of these apps, it was the first time I felt a productivity boost in the real sense, and hence I can't let it miss out on this list.

It's the perfect match for a team >30 members because then you won't have to pay for it!

What it lets you do

  • Create tasks and assign them to team members.
  • Color coded team-mates, for easy identification of the member-in-charge of the task.
  • Discuss ideas (and then turn them into tasks!)

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • The "no-meeting" interface makes it easy for you to get project updates without interacting with the team members.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Socially active interactions using  "hearts" to show appreciation. (A little motivation can go a long way when it comes to achieving goals!)

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  • Subtasks: - Allows breaking up of the primary task into smaller parts.
  • Upload files directly from a number of sources using your computer hard-disk, Google Drive or Dropbox.

4. Any.Do

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

The 21st century is the "digital era," with all the metro icons and highly active web pages. But when it comes to achieving your business goals in the simplest possible manners, Any.do demands a highlight.

Their tagline says "designed for simplicity."  Business goals don't always have to mean complicated charts and crunching of numbers; sometimes they just mean simple tasks which add up to million dollar results.


  • Break primary tasks into initial steps. "Email" "Call" "Buy" and so on.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • You set time and date-based reminders, and any.do makes sure you won't miss that task no matter what.
  • Assign tasks to other members.
  • Share your list of tasks with others for the faster accomplishment of goals.
  • Voice-capture tasks instead of typing on your keyboards.
  • Easy integrations with iCloud, Google Calendar, etc.

Being honest, this isn't the best goals management tool available, but it does the job! And if you're a stickler of simplicity, this can't get any better for you.

5. ToDoist

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

We've already scribbled down a complete Todoist review, but just in case you missed it, this section should fill the gap right in.

We've already discussed Asana, so you wouldn't have to go all topsy-turvy understanding ToDoist.

Let's understand what ToDoist offers at a glance

  • Assign tasks to individual members.
  • Email to ToDoist: - With just a tap or click, you can add tasks from E-mails to ToDoist!
  • Easy interface-This matters because if you spend an hour assigning tasks and reviewing them, didn't the productivity just go down a well?
  • You can use shortcuts like tapping the "q" button to add a new task.
  • Directly search for team-mates with the "@" key, just as you do on Social Media.
  • Automated backups!
  • Reminders: - This helps make sure that your team-mates don't pretermit the assigned tasks.
  • Priority: - You can set priority guided tasks so as to make sure you get the required task at the required time instead of getting it all jumbled up.

6. Strides

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

Strides is one of the more professional helps you can recruit to achieve your business goal. It encompasses the power to help you achieve not just your business but your personal goals as well.

Take weight-loss, wake-up time, drinking water as examples. But as far as business goals are concerned, it puts a lot of other similar apps to shame, simply because of its "intuitive" features which change and adapt to your needs and goals.


  • Two specific trackers:- 1. Habit (personal goals) 2. Goals (Business) 
  • Value oriented measurement: - You can increase or decrease your "efforts" needed to achieve a certain goal.
  • Average calculations: - Calculate the average time you've worked on your goals in the week/month or year.
  • Milestones: - This is the feature that allows you to break your project down into sub-tasks, and these tasks add up over time, and the whole project gets done before you know it.

Some other features worth mentioning are

  • Automated reminders.
  • Accountability: - They advertise this boldly for the reason that the strides icon doesn't buzz off the notifications bar unless you log-in and document your progress. (Even if you haven't done anything, this works as a great motivator as it makes you realize you haven't been productive!)

7. Goals on Track

If you love "office interface" apps, and workplace environment boosts you; meaning the kind of apps with a lot of charts, data, numbers, fewer colors and modern logos, this business goals achievement app is your new best friend.

Goals on track pride itself on

  • Dashboard templates: - You can choose from quite a number of goals templates available on the platform.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Add tasks based on priority levels.
  • Offline time trackers: These let you track how much time you've allotted to specific tasks, and how much of that time allotted time you've actually spent achieving those tasks.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Journal: - This acts more or less like the "notes" section you get with other business goals management apps, the only difference is it's simple (not very modern)  and is more detailed than just "notes."

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Illustrated reviews: - At the end of the week/month or task, you can review the process through which the task was achieved. Obviously, it's explained with charts and graphs to make things easy.

8. Trello

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

Any "productivity" or "goal management" piece I've documented seems incomplete without Trello being mentioned.

Trello owes it's popularity to its creative team, who came up with the idea of "Cards" to help you organize, assign, as well as achieve goals in the most "interactive and attractive" possible manner.

Trello has a silo-based organizational setup which is: - Boards (projects) > Cards (lists of tasks) > Lists (lists of sub-tasks).

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals


  • Cards (lists) of your task lets you add checklists, labels as well as comments to specific tasks for team-mates.
  • Invite members to boards (projects), helps them visualize all the tasks as well as other factors for the bigger picture at once.
  • Mention team-mates and they get notified.
  • Create and assign tasks.
  • Lets you discuss using comments, additionally allowing us to upload files from a number of sources including Google Drive, Computer hard-disk, etc.
  • Notifications: - Never miss anything important.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Real-time: - Trello is a real-time app, meaning if a card gets updated, or anything changes in general, you don't have to refresh your app if it's open, those activities will show up in real-time as they happen.
  • Email to Trello: - This feature lets you create boards and comments via your E-mail. You just have to e-mail the board headline, attachment, etc. to a specific E-mail ID and the board gets created.
  • FREE! Trello obviously has "paid" plans, but its free plan is more than enough in the true sense to complete your basic project needs without you spending a penny.

9. Wunderlist

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

Wunderlist is another distant cousin of Asana or Trello (depends on your imagination!). I phrased that for the reason that the trio has a lot in common to each other (with differences worth mentioning of course!)

What it offers

  • Create and assign tasks.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Prioritize tasks with attractive banners.
  • Set Reminders: - You can manually set reminders so that you don't miss a due task.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Share your list/project with other team-mates and collaborate in real-time with discussions and comments.
  • Available for wide range of devices, from iOS to Kindle fire.
  • Web to Wunderlist:- You can select anything off the web and turn it into a task immediately.
  • Lets you create folders for easy organization of projects.

10. Workflowy

Consider it the Online, simpler version of notepad. It's probably the simplest goal management app I've ever seen.

It doesn't have a lot of features, and that's it's strongest suit. It doesn't complicate things, you write down what you have to do, and you get it done; simple as that.

As it's said :- The best method to get anything done, is to do it! And that's what Workflowy preaches.

Although there is something that no other tool on this list is capable of offering you, "infinite level of organization."

Meaning, you can create a list, create primary tasks for it using bullet points, then sub-tasks for it, further sub-sub tasks and so on, there's no stopping you.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

11. Toodeldo

There are a thousand productivity tips that don't work, Toodeldo isn't one of them! It's not just a "tip"; it's a platform, one that definitely deserves to be on this list of business goals management apps.

What it offers

  • Create and assign tasks.
  • Personal workspaces for you and your team.
  • Create folders for better organization.
  • Set priority to tasks to get them done on time.

11 Apps to Track and Manage your Business Goals

  • Set Reminders
  • Locations: - This is something unique, meaning if you've got a physical task, let's say meet the CEO of Company X, Toodledo automatically beeps the alarm when you're near the company headquarters or the residence of the person hence reminding you of the task.
  • Time-trackers: - Track the time you spend on the project.

In addition to all that, you can add tags, labels, stars, etc. for various purposes on Toodledo.

Wrapping it Up

So that was all I had in my arsenal for this post on 11 apps to track and manage your business goals. I'm positive you've found the list useful.

All I ask for in return is for you to leave your valuable feedback in the comments, and/or share this piece on your Social media with your folks.

After all, the motivator needs to stay motivated as well, and your interactions do just that for me.

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