10 Productivity tips that Really Works

Danish Wadhwa
Copacetic life channels discipline, commitment, hard work, experience, and talent together to become impeccable.One who says “it’s just perfect”, creates means the result is a product of various qualities and factors combined together.

You cannot be productive if you procrastinate or fear more and believe less in yourself.Becoming productive comes with self-discipline, experience and yes failures too.You have tried too much building create miracles.

We come across various live talks, motivational videos, messages, and people seeking to transform our lives.But how have one as an individual implemented those very principles to live?

Series of events and changes in your routine leads you towards perfection i.e. being highly productive and systematic.

Here are 10 tips that will help you becoming productive, increased output and better results in life. Only one thing I need is a promise that you need to do to yourself in order to be productive in life.

1. Stay Fit

Your fitness is the first priority, a body free of any health problems. The better your fitness is more active and energized you will be. Work won’t bother you no matter how difficult it is on site or off site. You will always have that spark in you.

2. Don’t be satisfied

Never say someone “you are the best”, ”perfect”, a “good” or “well done” is sufficient.You stop learning and working harder when you satisfy yourself with each achievement.Be spontaneous, be phenomenal but don’t be satisfied.Hunger of being better each day should be there.

3. Communicate more

Why email every day, using messengers alone.Like WhatsApp or Groove is your communication confined to emails alone, if you want to be productive, interact more.Productivity of you alone or whole team depends on how well you communicate with them.The personal touch is equally important.Not being a boss alone but being a leader is possible when you communicate.When you communicate with your friends, bosses, colleagues, partner or in another social circle you exchange words, ideas and also listen and learn new things every day.

4. Time Management

Do small tasks while you travel, exchange important emails, make important calls, read newspaper etc.Don’t stress more on unnecessary spoilers or time eaters.Plan your day, schedule your meetings, do not overload or do anything too much because productivity will hamper.

5. Be Aware of Changes around you

Be known to developments around you. Technology being used or political situations or economic affairs.The better you know the better you deliver.If you have knowledge of what is going around you, your contribution will be worth and help you in decision making.

6. Read Books and Implement in your life

Read motivational books, written by Robin Sharma, speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari.Read their books, see their videos and interviews, implement their teachings and knowledge to your life.It will make a difference.Eventually, you will see yourself as someone different, someone better or an inspiration to someone.Have that greed for learning and you will have better results than just working towards attaining materialistic things alone.

7. Eliminate unnecessary stuff from your life

Learn to say no to people, things, offers or something that you feel is not necessary, stay away from negativities for it will ruin your peace of mind and disturb your soul.Have clarity in mind what is to be done, when is to be done, how is to be done, where and why is to be done.Grouping of important stuff, things alike or related and do them systematically.Eliminate unhealthy discussions, wasting time or doing unproductive things. Time is precious.

8. Have a to-do list ready, classify requirements

You plan better, perform better, you don't plan and you will suffer.You can't work without setting priorities or going on and on haphazardly, half unfulfilled tasks.If you note down you can use it as a ready reference and lead your day effectively.If you can't make a to-do list, take help of someone.Use your weekends too if it helps you transform yourself and most importantly don’t forget to spend time with your family because that is your first source of existence and motivation.

9. Control and coordination

You work alone or in a team, self-control and coordination are important.With a lack of coordination, performance will always be below par.With better coordination, you can do your task speedily and with greater brilliance.Lack of coordination will not only affect work but also at home if you are not coordinated you will mess up with your plans.You do not control yourself then how will you control others.So the first to start should be you and right from your home this habit should start.Involve kids and family members to coordinate.

10. Repeat your day learning and doing things less erroneously

Do not prepare a boring plan, making you hate it or stop following it from next day.Keep changing your schedule or tasks and do not stop.Keep doing it to attain what we call perfection.You will be productive only if you have all its ingredients blended together to make your task done less erroneously.With fewer errors, you gain credibility and trust.Repeat every day for a new you.A better you.

Wrapping up

The more you do, the more you become.You do less and expect more is not at all possible.There is no secret mantra to being productive.But it is following your values and your decided plans every day, step by step without giving up.These tips will help you becoming productive from day one if you follow it continuously.Work on areas you have to add productivity and keep a check on results.Measure your performance every day.

There is a saying “Either you rule the day or the day rules you”, depends entirely on you.So start today and don’t look back.Because future should always be better than past and brighter than the present.

Danish WadhwaAuthor

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is more than a results-driven individual, who is well-versed in providing high-end technical support, optimizing sales and automating tools to stimulate productivity for businesses.

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