10 Surprising Habits of Productive People that will Inspire You

Danish Wadhwa

Why am I like this?

Have you ever asked yourself? You wake up every day with an intention to stay focused from morning to the night. But when it comes to the matter, you find yourself in the middle of procrastination.

You know you want a working solution. You know you want to beat procrastination. For the same reason, you read tons of books, articles and did many exercises.

Still, you are the same procrastination king.

Can you relate to this? Do you want to escape from the desperate trap of procrastination and laziness?

If you say yes, I will you ten gifts!

We know, not every people succeed in life. In order to find why only someone achieves success, I analyzed some successful people’s lives.

Guess what? I have found some surprising habits, which you are going to read here.

Surprising Habits of Productive People that will Change Your Life

You will get ten of the surprising habits of highly productive people here. Just follow them without procrastination. You will find yourself successful soon.

So, shall we begin?

1. They Avoid Multitasking

I don’t know how many times I shared this. But I will say it again. Multitasking steals your time by a significant margin.

Do you want to be productive? Do you want to achieve more in the least amount of time?

Then, you should chuck it out. Whenever you do something, concentrate on that only one thing, don’t make it “some things.”

Once the first task gets finished, you can move on to the next one.

2. They Outsource the Tasks They are not Good at

I know this is not applicable for everyone. Let’s say you have the capability to hire people.

If you choose to do everything on your own, it will be a huge pitfall. You can’t do everything by yourself in the perfect way.

That’s why productive people outsource others.

Imagine that you are a CEO of a web designing company. You know how to program, but you don’t like writing content for websites.

The best way, in such a scenario, is outsourcing. You can keep on doing what you are good at. And, delegate the other tasks.

3. They Set Difficult Limits

24 hours! All of us had only the same in a day. Still, some people get insanely productive and successful. On the other hand, we get sluggish and dreary every day.

Why does this happen?

Simply because productive people realize their time suckers and set hard limits to avoid the wastage!

You should follow the same strategy. What’s your addiction? Social media?

Take a decision that you don’t use social media more than 30 minutes every day. I know how difficult it can be. But with time, as you stick to the decision, you will find out 30 minutes, or half an hour is a hell lot of time.

4. They don’t Hesitate to Say No

I know why most of you waste time, why most of you don’t achieve your aim.

It is because you find it difficult to say no.

Insanely productive people don’t hesitate to say no. When you are doing an important job, you must say no to all other things that come your way, no matter who or what they are.

5. They don’t Have a Lengthy to-do List

Let me ask you one question.

Do you make a to-do list every day? If you do, how many tasks inside the same get done each day?

I know it! You can’t even complete 50% of the activities.

That’s why you must not make a lengthy to-do list. If possible, don’t make one at all. Just use your calendar to note down the important things. You will feel relaxed and doesn’t get affected by insomnia.

6. They Get into Tough Tasks before Lunch

All of us are most productive in the morning that any other time. As the sun moves from east to west, your productivity levels decrease.

So, you must do the toughest and most important tasks before lunch. After lunch, you can indulge on least significant jobs.

7. They Envision Future to Avoid Procrastination

The procrastination is the foe of productivity.

Even if you have the feeling to chuck procrastination out, it spreads all over your mind.

What can you do about it?

The highly productive people envision the future the task brings. The future keeps them motivated to complete the work.

You can follow the same method.

8. They Look after Their Health

Working hard all day doesn’t help your body.

You have to look after your health to stay productive. All productive people care about their health, so should you.

Eat healthy food, exercise every day, and don’t lose sleep.

9. They Follow 80/20 Rule

Only 20% of work brings 80% of results in our day. And, you have to be observant to find out which tasks have the capacity to produce more positive results.

Focus on the least number of things that can bring maximum positive results.

10. They have a Consistent Morning Routine

Take any productive person for example. All of them have a morning routine.

Most of them focus on doing something related to health, mostly exercise. You must also develop a fruitful morning habit.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to take the leap?

Are you ready to be insanely productive?

Leave the laziness. Chuck it out. Shake off every tiny bit of procrastination from your mind.

Follow the ten tips I have shared with you.

Danish WadhwaAuthor

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is more than a results-driven individual, who is well-versed in providing high-end technical support, optimizing sales and automating tools to stimulate productivity for businesses.

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