How to Upload Photos on Google Drive

Danish Wadhwa

Do you want to store your memories for long?

There is nothing better than cloud, and when it comes to cloud storage Google's GDrive is awesome in it.

In this post, I will help you with the best possible ways on "How to upload photos to Google Drive."

Before that let's understand a bit about Google Photos because this is exact which will help you on it.

Google Photos are a cloud-based service that means you can save all your images to the cloud.

It is an awesome way for saving, sharing, and using images from anywhere.

Google Drive is a virtual file - sharing services from Google and makes easy to store and access data online in the cloud.

Any file or folder can be accessed through mobile apps on iOS, Android or web browser.

The various useful features allow you to organize photos from different devices in a single place, most importantly it enables you to use inbuilt tools and filters to edit your pictures and videos.

If you are uploading any of your files from compatible programs like Microsoft Word or Excel, you are allowed to edit them in Google Drive.

Steps to Upload Photos, Files or Folder to Google Drive

  1. Login into your Google Drive and click on "NEW" button on top left corner.

.file 1.png


2. In Dropdown choose “File upload” or “Folder Upload” This will help you to upload a single file or entire folder to My Drive.

file 2.png


3. In this case, Click on File upload option.

Note: You can also upload a file up to 5TB in Size. Google Give 15GB of Free Storage to @Gmail Users and 30GB to Unlimited storage to GSuite users.

You can learn more about GSuite here.

file 3.png


4. Select the File you want to upload to your My Drive.

file 4.png


5. Once you click on your file, it will automatically start uploading. You will see your file uploading in the lower- right corner.

Time to Upload File depends on the Size of file, as well as the speed of your internet connection.

file 5.png


6 Now you can see your uploaded file in your Drive.

file 6.png


Drag & Drop Method

1. Another method to Upload your files is to drag and Drop method.

2. This will also help you organize your files when uploaded to your Google Drive.

file 7.png


3. See your file uploading status in the lower Right corner.

file 8.png

How to Upload Folder to Google Drive

1. Click on "NEW" and then “Folder Upload” This will allow you to choose what you want to Upload in your Google Drive.

file 11.png


2. Select the folder which you want to upload, Once selected then click on OK button.

File 22.png


3. Wait till your folders are being uploaded to Google Drive.



It is easy to set up all your photos, files and folders to Google Drive as it doesn’t matter if you are using the desktop computer or a mobile device for uploading images.


So, this was all about what is Google Drive, what are its benefits and how to use it?

So, make sure you use Google drive if you aren’t doing it yet.

See you again.

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