How to Organize Your Daily Tasks at Work?

Danish Wadhwa

Do you know how to organize your daily tasks at work?

With the heavy workload and N number of responsibilities, it is almost impossible to say no to your boss. You panic and spoil everything why?

Because you did not plan? You mess up mixing your work and get hit by negative comments from your boss and leg pulling by colleagues.

Why risk everything and not work towards organizing yourself. Is it that difficult?

Well, here are a few easy ways to organize daily tasks at work which not only you but people of any age group at work can follow.

1. Do or don't, you need to know

After the meeting, a minute is prepared, work is assigned by the boss, queries has been put up by colleagues, old emails are forwarded for actions by other colleagues, you have been called for another meeting at a coffee shop, the boss has asked you to give a presentation etc.

What do you need to do and what do you need to refuse like know what is important and what is not. Decide whether to skip or do what is required.

Here’s the list of habits that thwart your efficiency and make you less productive.

2. Choose a Medium

You have apps, reminders, messengers, sticky notes etc which can be used a medium.

To-do lists can be made in any suitable medium which helps in dividing your time and recalling your activities to be done for the day. Mobile Apps help to a great extent these days.

3. Set Timing

Compete with yourself to beat your timings, the better you are the greater you will achieve. One who walks ahead of time will never fail, one who walks with time will never fall and the one who is always late will never rise or grow.

Here are some effective time management tips that work for all.

4. Break it down

For instance preparing a presentation in a week time for international clients. Divide your work into days and add quality to each part.

Doing everything and nothing in a right way is like doing nothing at all. Break it down to make difficult tasks easier.

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5. Start easily, keep it simple

Start with an easy task so you gain speed, finish difficult tasks and check timing and then perform other tasks.

Do not complicate or mix everything, you will not be punished if you function as per your capability and work accordingly, important is you finish assigned task with the desired result and given time.

6. Share with peers

Tell your peers you have a certain set of activities to be done. So that in case you fail to remember they will remind you of time to fulfill the needs.

Sometimes having someone to look over us is positive because it enables you to work with fewer mistakes and reminds you at the same time.

Try sharing to-do-list whether by posting it on the notice board or setting up a digital calendar that everyone on the work team can access can be of great help.

7. Be flexible and adaptable

You can be assigned another task in the middle of an ongoing task or asked to change the task, you may need to switch and finish it quickly, one needs to be flexible and adaptable as per the work.

Always add extra time to your task so that any changes can be easily accommodated.

8. Prioritise

Start your day with important things that have to be done today. There may be few things which are given for sometime later. Finish the most important task first. Choose amongst all and classify each as per need.

9. Take care of your health

To work effectively you should have good health, take good sleep, meditate, give time to yourself so you can connect to what you do and what is to be done. Don’t overdo what you do.

10. Take Small Breaks

Relax and take little breaks in between, you can watch motivational videos or check the news on the internet, check texts or make important calls.

Relax in between do not overstretch and work continuously which will harm your health.

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11. Choose Appropriate method to do the task

Do not beat around the bush if you know nothing. Ask for help from peers. Choose the correct and appropriate method to do your work to finish work on time.

The method which is simpler and effective should be given preference than choosing what is complicated and only confuses.

12. Eliminate the Non-Essentials and Time eaters

Time is precious, do necessary things if you do what is unimportant you miss what is important and was to be done by you. It is up to you whether you use time judiciously or waste your time and energy in a negative direction.

13. Enjoy what you do

If you enjoy what you work will be like your favorite game. Important is you play this game with rules. If you do not enjoy then working will be torture and you will fail to give the desired result. Understand and learn what you are doing.

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14. Do not leave for tomorrow until it is required

Procrastination is a bad habit not only at the workplace but in routine life. Finish tasks assigned to you today so you do not get overloaded tomorrow.

Otherwise compensating for the past you will ruin the present and affect the future. Be systematic and finish job assigned to you that day unless the only choice is to leave it for next day.

Wrapping up

By now we have understood that it is important to be calm and composed. If you wish to be a multitasker you need to prioritize your work.

You want to get quick promotions, but that again depends on your performance. When you are juggling between such discrepancies then why don’t you opt for a methodical approach to doing our work?

Each individual has different methods to deal with it. All you need is clarity and a positive approach towards organized lifestyle depending on abilities, timelines, and interests.

The strategies as mentioned above can do wonders and can be fun too. And mind you, these can save you from working late hours.

A skilled employee is one who starts and finishes the assigned tasks by time. Utilize time effectively with these mantras.

Suggest, motivate others and you will see that the life has become all the simpler than before.

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