Know how to change your lifestyle?

Danish Wadhwa

Bob Marley once said:”We do not know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”

How we choose to live makes us? Who are we?

When the world is fast changing, we need to keep pace with ever-changing developments around us be it Science, Technology, Infrastructure, Art, Competitiveness, Luxuries, Sports, etc. which is leading to change in our lifestyles.

Either it has a positive or a negative impact in our life.

Adverse effects on human psychology, health, and unhealthy habits can  largely see amongst the majority of people around us.

Life was even better then when people were less dependent on technologies; they were more healthy and aware.

Discussing few things that will help you achieve change your lifestyle and make it workable with ease for you.

1. Stay Fit -Exercise Daily

Your fitness is of utmost importance; lethargy is one reason. You should get rid of it if you want to work towards a change and for a purpose.

Be healthy and motivate people around to stay healthy and fit.

2. Focus on one goal stop multitasking everywhere

You have many plans in your mind; everything else can’t be achieved together, go step by step focus on that one goal and stop pushing yourself to speed up the process in haste.

Give time to your mind and body to adapt and make way ahead. It is a process,  not a one-day thing.

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3. Unwanted and non-essential things to be eliminated

Your time is precious, now that you have wasted a lot of time doing non-essential things. It is time to focus on essential and get rid of the entire non-essential stuff in your life which is not at all required.

4. Develop a Routine

Be it weekdays or a weekend, you should have your plan, and a routine is what will keep you sticking to this.

Do not replace your plan daily or substitute with the other, self-discipline and dedication is important.

For a better lifestyle and future, small sacrifices will not go in vain.

5. Be positive

Believe in whatever you are doing be it a success or failure everything has something to teach you.If you are disheartened or heartbroken, learn to heal yourself by positivity and get ready again.

It is all in mind. Getting so involved in something that you don’t want will lead to getting stuck into something forever probably that you never wanted.

You set big goals in life; you achieve less than that or nothing at all, and that starts building stress, living under stress adds many other distractions in order to compensate that very feeling.

When you are stressed because you are not giving yourself the time or your family.

  • Although,you want to perform well at work, but you are not doing it.
  • You need a better result next time but are not working towards it.
  • You want to be fit.
  • He/She want to own a series of SUVs and, have a luxurious life.
  • You want to be spiritual eventually after being an atheist initially because there has been a transformation of your heart.
  • You want to climb Everest, be adventurous, practice yoga.

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Who will have to work on it, it is you.

  • If long-term plans are not working stick to small goals.
  • Be highly committed, motivated and focused on strategies.
  • Be accountable for the progress to someone, share it with someone so that they keep a check on you.
  • Have a backup plan or support in case you falter.
  • Develop and build that one habit desired than doing many and confusing yourself, achieving none.
  • If you fail so what, do it again. Your vision is to achieve above this overcoming the hurdles.
  • Be specific to what you want, don’t confuse yourself.
  • Break you plans from years to months to weeks to days to hours. Make it happen.

Wrapping Up

These days, we see a huge gap between what we want and what we are doing. There is always a remedy and thought upon the solution; problems are curable, ideas are workable only if we really want that change to happen in our life.

Before taking a big leap or a big decision, one must do an analysis of its results and consequences. Important is to strike a balance of your lifestyle perfectly at each end. Nothing is unachievable unless you give up.

Do not underestimate if you think changing a lifestyle will not take time. It is you alone, but you are associated with the life of so many people.

Ensure if you grow everyone else around grows with you otherwise, they will start pulling you down or criticizing you, but that shouldn’t bother you.

The start is never easy, but the winner is one who initiates and takes it to the desired level of result.

If you want to change does not mean everyone else will adapt to such changes everyone is different, like developing a work culture at the office takes time, in the same way, adapting to a lifestyle takes time and eventually, things will be on the right track.

Life is not to be complicated; it happens once. Success and Failure are in our brains; we can control it by our actions and leave few on luck. Life is what we make it.

If you want something “Just do it,” but not without analysis. Everything comes with a good and bad consequence.

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