Life is tough! Here are 10 ways to deal with it

Danish Wadhwa

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Life will throw up challenges which will test you, break you and make you until you prove your metal and defying all these challenges you move ahead victorious and even stronger than before.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. Remember life greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from worst mistakes.

If everything is too perfect, maybe you will never learn to counter difficulties in life.

All things in life are difficult before they are easy and later become a gifted blessing. Be brave, and you can do anything.

Life is tough to stop worrying about what you have lost and think about what have you gained.

Here are ten ways to deal the tough challenges in life so that you don’t become a victim rather you come out as a winner.

1. Never Give up attitude

God will make the path for one who believes in working hard if you give up everyone else will give up on you.

If you think your struggles are painful and your worries are greater then look around the world there are even more complicated life,  make yourself strong change life of yourself as well as other people associated with you.

Learn and motivate others to fight in life.

2. Having Patience

He who does not possess patience will never learn to overcome difficulties in life. Anxiety and fear lead to loss of confidence and belief in oneself.

You need to be patient and think of the problems and focus on solutions than acting haphazardly.

Be calm take right actions in right time if you choose the other way you will stumble and may fall.

3. Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Why is it you having so many problems while the other has none? What did you do when you faced the problems.

Some will crib, cry, breakdown and lose hope while the others will counter each challenge calmly,  strategically, analytically keep every aspect of life in mind and turn them into opportunities by learning through them.

Sometimes you know your internal capabilities when you are put under pressure or given a deadline. Everything happens for a reason.

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4. Practice toughness

Don’t expect life to be a cakewalk, do not trouble others to make your own life, be tough,  initiate,  do your work yourself, fulfill your responsibilities, be honest to yourself.

Learn to live with basic necessities, prioritize things in your life as important,  less important or unnecessary.

Be tough to yourself and disciplined in actions so that when you are put into stressful situations, you deal it easily.

5. Have circle of motivating people

People often have that one person who lets them forget their worries and fill their life with spark again. Be with such souls; she can be your granny, your parents, friends, colleagues or anyone.

They push you to fight,  stay yourself even in adverse situations,  be with such people. Because life will never be tough if you have such great people with you to take care of you.

6. Action Reaction Analysis

If you are in a situation, what lead to such situation? What can you do about it? What could have been done to avoid it? What action did you take? What will be it’s long and short term consequences.

If you learn to calculate,  troubles may trouble you less and make you more flexible and adaptable to changes in life.

7. Preemptive Approach

If you know, you will have to face problems ahead in life, or you know this situation may come.  Be proactive,  have your own plans set,  it can be Plan A or Plan B.

What can you do to reduce the gravity of problems or avoid it completely? If you are relaxed expecting everything will be simple and easy in life, then you are wrong.

Be a fighter,  always ready to take actions and stay a step ahead. Everything is directly or indirectly related to our own actions.

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8. Don’t be afraid to seek advice or ask for help

Have you a problem? Can you solve it alone? Can you?

You can’t then do not hesitate to share your problems with people close to you.

If you don’t have a solution, they will definitely provide one.

Sometimes what happens when you start to panic due to problems you fail to solve even the smallest problems in life. If you can’t deal it let others help you. You may seek advice from professionals too.

9. Stay positive to take care of your spirit

Whatever the situation doesn't let it ruin your inner self and peace in life. If you can't be positive how will your actions be?

To become a tree bearing good fruits feed your mind and actions with positivity and hope. A lost spirit cannot sail in the ocean. Life is big to make it larger by taking care of yourself.

10. Pain is temporary, no matter how hard it gets to do it till it’s done

Would you like to see a distorted reflection in the mirror and see failure, loss, misery,  sadness, etc.? Because you were scared to get hurt you did something which may affect someone else negatively.

If you are decided on what you want,  ensure you make it happen, fear of something that you see and does not exist kills you, may kill an opportunity,  may lead to a weird situation where you are left with nothing but regrets.

Ensure you finish with whatever you started until closing the book was the only choice you had. Never be scared of struggles but be afraid of success you achieved without any struggles it may be short lived. 

Wrapping up

Sometimes we presume things to be difficult than they are because there is a hidden fear inside of failure and so we never try.

Strength does not come from what you can do it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. What comes against you,  transforms you into something better.

Signing off with you to contemplate what is better for your life and an inspiring quote by Robert H. Schuller,  “Tough times don’t last but tough people do. ” Choose what you want.

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