10 Creative Ideas for Morale Boosters at Work

Danish Wadhwa

Do you know the importance of morale boosters at work? What do you observe when you look around at your workplace?

Do you see some happy, sad, confused and gloomy faces?

General work tradition with some frustrated souls too.

Every set of the organization has protocols, fixed rules, and ethics which employees are bound to follow but does that stop you from changing the work environment.

When you frame rules, it can also amend or altered in case it is for the welfare of the employees and the organizations future.

What if a dead or disturbed soul or we can say simply a human machine is put to work and he/she performs with no output maybe because his emotions overpower him. There is a disgruntled employee too.

Accepting to be a minion is not at all important when one can develop amazing creative ways to boost the morale of the members of the workforce.

Positivity and motivation at work are more important than just doing work and going home with nothing achieved better than yesterday.

Serving same food every day will make a person sick whereas if served with different flavors with greater nutrients and proteins will keep him healthy forever.

In order to break this age-old tradition of taking life as it is, here are 10 Creative ideas for morale boosters at work

1. Mutual Co-operation and involvement with each other

Communication plays a major role in the workplace; we are the pillars of our company if we decide to work mutually, sharing the problems and providing solutions to problems without hampering one’s own work we will multiply the profits eventually not letting anyone suffer individually or struggling with problems alone.

2. A Peer Initiated Recognition System

When a peer appreciates another for the exceptional work performed it will automatically initiate the spark of performing even better amongst everyone.

No matter how talented and skillful everyone is there will always an example setter who is the best.

When everyone else will move towards a positive direction with high morale, then the company will definitely prosper tremendously.

3. Incentives and Small Rewards

When we start rewarding for individual efforts or group efforts at the workplace, each team and every individual will look out ways to add more to themselves and their teams to excel in terms like best work performed, best dressed, best quality assurance, finishing work in less time frame, etc.

It can be a souvenir, employee of the week board, a fountain pen, etc. These are ways to keep professional as well as personal touch with the employees.

4. Celebrate work anniversaries

Like the first job is unforgettable for a person and on the other side a person having contributed twenty to twenty-five years of his life for an organization.

Celebrating work anniversaries or the day he joined every year or on such special day will remind him of his importance and to the organization the contribution he did serving half of his life.

5. A day out with colleagues

Stress can have many reasons, be it due to work, health or any such personal problem.

If you take out time to spend with each other to a beautiful location or place of interest it will change the mood and also help in overcoming inner clashes due to routine life.

6. Include Family

Bring spouse and kids at the workplace; it is a weekend or any such other day of the week when families can interact with each other and see the more human side of each other which makes them even more connected and unite them.

Showing them that you care for them as well.

7. Contests and Quizzes

One way to let think people out of the box and showcase what they have in the store which we definitely do not know through general interactions is by arranging various quizzes and contests where brainstorming is done.

Other creative ideas can incorporate in contests like a debate or a simple singing and dance competition.

8. Effective Communication and free flow of Ideas

Peers can communicate with each other via emails, calls like wishing on birthdays in a special way.

Sharing of innovative ideas at work definitely acts as a moral booster as this way they both will focus towards achieving it feeling motivated with its future results and rewards.

9. Elimination of non-essential time-eaters at work

Greater the misuse of time and energy, greater will be the negativities and stress within, practical and efficient use of time is necessary to have high morale at work, wastage of time will lead to greater work pressure thereby dissatisfaction leading to frustration.

10. Staying fit

Last but not the least, fitness is crucial of peers at work in order to be high-spirited and active.  Health plays a great role in the self-development and helping others to grow in the right direction all through mind, body, and soul.

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We tend to lose ourselves somewhere in following the everyday lifestyle making it monotonous.

One spark is enough to lighten up the environment at work. There are many creative ways which can boost individuals morale both at personal and professional level.

Carrying out work alone like a robot should no longer practice as change is the only constant thing that one needs to definitely adopt from time– to- time.

When massive development is taking place and behind that development are the brains and efforts of the scientists,  engineers,  doctors,  financial analysts, politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, labor workforce, farmers, etc. they are all playing roles of nation builders with changing technologies their implications has a great impact on human mind and body.

So, in order to ensure the results does not compromise both with work and human assets(employee) we need the balance in life.

I hope the above mentioned important creative morale boosters points which are not only creative but easy to implement in day to day life without infringement of the compliances and ethics at workplace will surely help you.

Work with fun will make it all the more worth and most importantly this will give rise to a great result at the workplace when followed.

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